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Argan Oil

arganeeThe magical properties of argan oil

Argan oil is renowned for its virtues contrele dry skin, aging of the skin, hair loss, but also against joint pain,

eczema and minor injuries daily as chapped skin, burns and much more ... It seems it is beneficial for hypertension and reduces bad cholesterol (food).

So it is effective on wrinkles and dry skin, reduces blemishes, pimples and lesvergetures. She also brighten dull hair and strengthens brittle nails. Convinced, ladies?

How to use hair?

Apply argan oil all over your hair, 30 minutes before shampooing. Wash and rinse. You will find soft and shiny hair!

How to use on the face and body?

Gently massage your face, neck and body in a circular motion.

The valuable tip: you can replace your night cream with argan oil, if your skin is dry or normal. Use with caution on oily skin.

How to use nails?

Wash your hands. Soak your nails in a mixture of a little lemon juice and argan oil. Let stand 15 min. Do this treatment once a week for one find strong nails, see unbreakable

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