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 Lavender is one of the wonders of nature with many virtues ...
 Already in Roman times, it was used to flavor and preserve the bathroom linen.

Then, during the Middle Ages, lavender was used to compose perfumes and medicines.

  Today, lavender is known for its many therapeutic properties:

as an infusion, lavender is interesting to fight against insomnia, colds, sore throats. It helps prevent colds, improve digestion, soothe insect bites and essential oil form, it soothes burns and helps the skin to heal. It also has a very relaxing effect. It is a recognized anti-stress that soothes the nerves and relaxes the muscles.

Lavender is also used in cooking. It is used to make sweets and even delicious ice cream.

In cosmetics, the many treasures closing lavender will allow us to make bath salts, day creams soothing care for oily skin, after-sun care, soaps and shower gels.

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