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miellloHoney for your face

Honey has a strong moisturizing ... Then targeting lip balms and creams made from honey. The honey will nourish and protect your lips, especially during the winter.

Do not hesitate to use if cracked or chapped lips. To do this, no need to go to the cosmetic department, just draw in your pantry! Take your pot of honey and apply a thick layer of honey directly on your lips. Leave on overnight and rinse with warm water in the morning. For the face, honey is especially recommended for dry or tired skin. That you apply as a cream, lotion or milk benefits are the same. Your skin is deeply nourished and hydrated.

On the face, honey is also used as a scrub and mask. Legommage honey effectively cleanses the skin but is not suitable for sensitive skin. The mask of honey, when with him, suitable for all skin types and nourishes without making it oily.

Honey for your body

Honey is the best ally of dry skin! Enjoy all the benefits in your bath water or use a honey soap. Leszones for extra-dry, including elbows, heels, spread honey and leave on for half an hour. Your skin will be very soft again! Honey is also used heavily in the eastern waxes and especially suitable for sensitive skin. A natural method of hair removal which allows you to have soft skin even after waxing and display a smooth result for about 3 weeks. Finally, we recommend the use of honey to scrub your skin and exfoliate dead skin. Combination with other assets, such as sugar or lawyer, he has a véritbale exfoliating and purifying.

Honey for your hair

You can imagine that if honey has moisturizing properties, it will be a real asset to dry hair and split ends! Prefer masks of honey to deeply nourish your hair. For a homemade mask, add the almond and egg honey! Your hair will be regenerated. Those who are stressed, bear the brunt of pollution or feed on unbalanced way can sometimes see hair loss. To curb this fall, grab your regular shampoo to which you add a little honey and diluted essential oil such as thyme. Efficiency guaranteed!

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