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Terms and Conditions

Article 1: Acceptance of Terms

The customer acknowledges having read the general terms and conditions below. The validation of your order shall be in full acceptance of these terms and conditions. After clicking acceptance, the order is considered final and can not be questioned.

Article 2: Submission to the Moroccan law

The company MarketGlob sarl established in Moroccan territory is subject to Moroccan law. Any order automatically implies your agreement to our terms of sale. These conditions of sale are governed by Moroccan law for both Overviews for rules forms.

Article 3: Prices

The prices of our products are considered case by case basis depending on the volume and destination of the order, and agree to international specifications or Moroccan Dirham inclusive of all taxes.

Article 4: Change catalog

The company MarketGlob sarl has at any time, the possibility to remove any product from its range of sale. The apparent price of its products, and also at any time, affected by any change. However, the prices quoted when placing an order are current and any price change is not taken into account after the order validation.

Article 5: Validation of the order

Before placing an order or request a quote, it is necessary to identify yourself via our forms. The products you choose are saved and you can modify your order / quote. However, after reviewing your quote and your items are confirmed by email and / or fax, see the command enabled, and you no longer have the option to cancel your order except in case of unavailability of the product.

Article 6: Product Compliance

Our company MarketGlob sarl guarantees full compliance of the products displayed in the online catalog and you certify perfect match to articles subjects of your order. However, any difference, however slight it in images or pictures of the products do not bind the validity of the sale. Photos are not contractual.

Article 7: Order Confirmation

Your orders will be confirmed by email prior to shipping your package. These confirmations will be stored in the database of our website will be considered as proof of the nature of the agreement and the date.

Article 8: Payment

You can choose the payment method you prefer. Payment can be made by bank check, by bank transfer, money order, with the following distribution: 50% deposit with order, 50% upon delivery. Validated by the customer will be effective by MarketGlob when it received notification of credit. If necessary, the order will be automatically canceled and you will be notified by email.

Article 9: Cancellation of the order

MarketGlob sarl reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute regarding a previous order, or if we reasonably believe that the client has breached these terms and conditions or that has engaged in fraudulent activity or for any other legitimate reason. If the item you want is out of stock, we will inform you immediately, then you can cancel your order or choose to wait for the availability of the product once the order is confirmed. You can cancel your order after confirmation and receipt of your advance payment within 24 hours of sending us an e-mail time of receipt is authentic or your order is firm and final and that you engage. A cancellation fee may be required and will be at your expense.

Article 10: Security of payments

To secure the use of payment to its customers, MarketGlob sarl, may have to ask for all documents relating to the identity and / or address and / or the method of payment used. Failure or refusal to provide the requested evidence may lead us to reject the order concerned.

Article 11: Address customers

The customer is to protect its interests in the obligation to provide details of the most accurate manner possible. MarketGlob sarl shall in no event be liable for misdelivery or delay it if incomplete or inaccurate information provided by the client. In accordance with Law No. 09-08 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data promulgated by Decree No. 2-09-165, dated 21 May 2009 and published in the Official Bulletin ° 5744 of 18 June 2009, any user of the Site has a right of access, modification, rectification and deletion of data by contacting by email or by post to "MarketGlobl, No. 5 rue Benzekri Touarga Meknes - Morocco. "

Article 12: Corporate Responsibility

MarketGlob sarl may find themselves unable to meet its obligations and responsibility can not be engaged in case of non-performance of its sales would be due to an unforeseeable and insurmountable third or a force majeure as defined by the Moroccan law or any other event that was not reasonably within its exclusive control.

Article 13: Dispute Case

These conditions of sale are subject governed by and construed in accordance with Moroccan law. In case of disagreement or dispute concerning the interpretation, understanding, performance or breach of the rules, express and exclusive jurisdiction is given to the court to Meknes - Morocco. MarketGlob sarl reserves the right to request and obtain injunctions or orders to defend its rights hereunder.

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