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The Jojoba

jojoba(Simmondsia chinensis) is a shrub of the family Simmondsiacées species.

This plant is native to Arizona and Mexico, where it is cultivated for wax (commonly known as "jojoba oil") contained in its seeds.

It is also called "Desert Gold" or "sheep nuts" because it grows in dry places, in direct sunlight. Its foliage is reminiscent of the olive tree. If hardly exceeds 2.5 m in nature, its roots are very long, up to 30 m or more, which allows him to get moisture far and deep into the ground. foliage and fruit of Simmondsia chinensis

The seeds also called "almond" or "beans" are the size of an olive and harvested in the fall. We extract jojoba oil, a kind of liquid wax similar to sebum and does not go rancid. This oil is used in the cosmetics industry to dilute essential oils, replacing the white whale. It is also popular as massage oil because it easily penetrates the skin and leaves no greasy feeling.

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