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Argana (Moisturizing cream Argan oil and Shea butter 83% Natural )

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Quick Overview

Emulsion plant, restorative skin, provides hydration and protection, It softens the skin and moisturizes. Excellent for face care.
This delicate cream, rich in pollen is a mixture of natural oils and plant extracts that soften the skin and keeps it smooth and hydrated with a balanced pH. Shea butter is excellent for facial, it is beneficial for the elasticity, hydration and skin protection.
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Recommendations for use

Apply the cream as necessary on the face, neck and low-necked or locally on the irritated parts of your body.


This product is intended for use without particular danger. Do not apply in cases of abnormal physiological events.
Formulated without fragrance, no alcohol, no dyes, no parabens, phenoxyethanol-free, aluminum-free, phthalate-free. This product meets your concerns of well-being and natural beauty.




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